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To his daughter, Nastya. It seemed that she was lazy, did not like to cook, but lying in bed until lunch was her favorite pastime. But yesterday morning something happened that he did not expect at all. Very early, at about five in the morning, Pyotr Kirillovich was awakened by a sound similar to a groan. At first he thought he was dreaming, but then the groan was repeated – a long muffled groan. The man threw on a robe and went to check where they were moaning. “Probably Nastya Leshka is fucking,” thought the father, but then he remembered that his son was on a business trip in the neighboring area … The door to the bathroom was not completely closed and the light was visible through the narrow gap. Kirillovich looked inside and froze. To him, Nastya stood with her backside, leaning forward slightly, and fingering her young pussy with her fingers, driving her finger between the impressive sex lips. At the same time, she periodically moaned, wagging her round ass. She jerked off for another minute – the father could not stand it and entered the bathroom. The girl jerked and, embarrassed, covered her pubis with her palm.


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Nastya was wearing only her husband’s T-shirt, which covered her chest. – What’s missing a pretty fuck? – the father- came close to the daughter. Nastya only smiled guiltily and nodded slightly. Kirillovich did not even think that he would do this in relation to his daughter, but at the sight of an excited Nastya. So he just took out his dick and put it in his daughter’s hand. Nastya did not move her hand away, but simply held on to her father’s penis and squeezed it slightly. The member was not small, twenty centimeters long and thick – Nastya barely had enough fingers to grab it.

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Date: January 1, 2021