yesporn cheating on a girl during a massage, talking with a guy on the phone

The guy Daisy Haze sent her for an erotic massage, he trusted her and everything should have gone fine. But the yesporn girl did not assume that the massage therapist would be so unpredictable. When the girl was already naked, with a covered towel, the Masseur set to work. But then the phone rang and it was her boyfriend. The masseur realized that he did not know what massage his girlfriend was on, and therefore decided to use the good moment and have a good fuck. To begin with, he went to the girl’s face, pulled out his cock and stuck it in her mouth. He said that if she does not give him a massage, he will pick up the phone and tell everything to his boyfriend. And then Daisy realized that she had no other choice.
Date: August 28, 2019