anyporn Courtney came to visit a neighbor and fucked him, forgetting about her husband

anyporn Courtney Tayler came to visit her neighbor for a glass of water. She was just on a run and really wanted to drink, and the house of Kiran Lee was right next door. He went into his house without asking, poured himself water and drank. And just at that moment, Kieran stepped into the kitchen. The beauty immediately began to flirt with him and rub against his cock. Then she turned him to the wall, kissed him sweetly on the lips and knelt down. She quickly took Kiran’s huge cock in her mouth and began to suck. At first, the neighbor tried to explain to the girl that her actions would lead to treason, but he did not give a damn. There was only one thing in Courtney’s head – it’s sweet to fuck Kieran and feel the hot sperm on his face. But they both did not think that the wife of Kiran would return from shopping so quickly.
Date: September 4, 2019